What Size Genes Are YOU Wearing?

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but as humans we are all inherently a little self-interested.  Why?   Because there’s nothing cooler then understanding the depth of who we are as individuals, why our bodies react the way they do under certain circumstances, and how to maximize our full potential. 

This fascination with understanding our bodies in combination with a growing shift away from the “one-size-fits all” mentality of health has lead to an emerging edgy trend toward personalized DNA analysis. 

ORIG3N, a biotechnology company out of Boston (Edgy’s hometown) is quickly becoming a leader in the health and wellness genomics industry. ORIG3N’s five LifeProfile kits: FITCODE, FUEL, AURA, SUPERHERO, and BLISS examine highly specific areas of health and wellness genes that provide valuable insights into an individual’s genetic makeup, allowing them to make effective lifestyle modifications to adapt to their results.  The kits focus on: fitness, nutrition, skin health, outlier traits, and personality.   

Constantly struggling to maintain a healthy weight?  There’s a test for that.  Find out once and for all if you are predisposed to hunger, weight regain, sugar sensitivity, and vitamin deficiencies.

What about those workouts?  Are you making the most of your time at the gym? Endurance, strength training, flexibility…there’s so much to choose from, but what are you predisposed to excel at? There’s a test for that too.

And for the ladies, you surely have wandered through Sephora bombarded by endless options of beauty creams, facial cleansers, and moisturizers.  Before you throw more money down the drain on that anti-wrinkle cream, take a DNA skin test to discover if you are predisposed to wrinkles, UV sensitivity, or dry skin.  Or if you’re lucky, you’re gifted for skin aging! In which case, I’m extremely jealous…

Yes, the idea of a genetic test sounds intriguing but at the same time a bit intimidating. I know what you are thinking- what if I learn something horrible about my health?  You won’t.  ORIG3N’s kits are non-diagnostic.

And more good news - no blood work necessary!  A simple cheek swab and 20 seconds is all it takes.  That’s it. Results are delivered in a fun to read format via iPhone app which you will share with your friends, family, coworkers, dog, and probably even that random guy in front of you at Starbucks ordering a non-fat iced double pump sugar free vanilla latte.  Yeeah, it’s THAT cool.

So go.  Be fascinated with yourself.  Hell, be obsessed.  Health and wellness DNA analysis is where it’s at.  And you know you want to be where it’s at.  Cue Beck song.

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