Slay Free-Radicals with a Dragon Fruit Bowl

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By now, you’ve probably indulged in a frosty açaí bowl or two and reaped the never ending list of health benefits this Brazilian berry has to offer.   No doubt açaí has flooded the natural foods market for the past decade.  And for good reason – this berry boasts big claims of weight loss, anti-aging, energy, heart health and more.   

But as with all superfoods, açaí’s time in the spotlight is finally dwindling – not because it’s hard to pronounce (no, it’s not a-kai) but rather…it’s just…ya know…been there, done that …passé.  Enter the Dragon Fruit, aka the Pitaya.  

“Dragon Fruit.”  Admit it, just the name sounds edgy.  Not only is it mysterious and exotically gorgeous (check out our sexy logo) but like açaí, it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and can be whipped into vibrant pink bowls of guilt-free sorbet-like goodness in no time. This cactus grown delicacy is indeed intriguing; native to Central America and grown in two varieties: white and magenta flesh.

So, is Dragon fruit the next açaí?  It very well could be, according to Food and Drink Resource. Each serving is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, B3, iron, calcium, phosphorous, antioxidants, carotene, monounsaturated and omega 3 fats according to Dr. Mercola, osteopathic physician and award winning author. For those with tummy troubles, you will be happy to know Dragon fruit is high in fiber and easily broken down by the body due to its lack of complex carbohydrates (it is 100% fructose).  The fat contained in the seeds even acts a mild laxative.  It should be noted however that overindulgence of fructose rich foods such as dragon fruit should be avoided as this can be irritating to some.  The fruit also contains phyto albumins and lycopene, both shown to have anti-cancer properties.

Yes, the nutrition benefits are undeniable.  And damn is it striking to look at.   But how does it taste?  Not as sweet and tangy as its dramatic looks would lead you to believe – again, a very mysterious fruit! Its flavor is similar to a watermelon or a less-tart version of kiwi, with hints of pear.  This mellow flavor actually makes it quite versatile in the kitchen lending itself to a variety of sweet and savory dishes such as breakfast bowls, salsas, cocktails, smoothies, and soups.

No doubt the Dragon bowl is a bad-ass alternative to the açaí bowl, scoring much higher on the edgy scale.Edgy Dragon Fruit Bowl Pitaya Now I ask you this burning question: Are you ready to trade in your purple for pink?  We made a sample recipe of a Edgy Dragon Bowl for your to tryout at home. If you have a great recipe or have tried a dragon bowl, smoothie or other concoction that's edgy somewhere local to you, let us know with a comment below!  --Thanks! 

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  • If you’re in Boston, the Juice Box in southie has great pitaya bowls, along with some quality smoothie options. They’re on West Broadway if you’re in the area! (

    Rachel Adams on

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