Vegans Rejoice! Aquafaba is an EGGcellent Substitute.

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Do you like composting your old banana peels?  We don’t do that, it sounds like too much work (but good for you).  We applaud your sustainable initiative!   You’re probably the type that makes your own humus too.  We think that’s cool.  Here’s a thought, being the sustainable citizen you are:  the next time you make humus you should save the liquid from those chickpeas. Yes, we’re talking about that murky swamp-water leftover in the pot.  That stuff is aquafaba and is the otherwise discarded liquid from legumes/beans (often chickpeas).  When cooking them raw, you’re left with starches, proteins and other plant remnants in the liquid, giving it a unique structure that is comparable to a blend of egg whites and yolks. Because of this, it’s edgy to use it as an egg-replacer.  As you can imagine, the end product offers great binding and thickening properties.  Isn’t working with discarded stuff cool?

You can whip it up into stiff peaks, use it in baking, dressings or even make mayonnaise. How did Edgy staff first come to work with this leftover fluid?  veggie scramble with FabanaiseWe can’t take all the credit because we just stumbled upon Fabanaise from Sir Kensington’s!  This stuff is da’ bomb; seriously.  I just used a dollop of chipotle Fabanaise this morning with my veggie scramble and sweet potato home fries.  Yum.  This one has got a little kick to it from the spice blend and it even has Kombu Seaweed in there, which is packed with minerals.  The versatility of this product is aqua-fabulous as there are a multitude of uses such as dip for fries, sauce on burgers/Paninis, mixed with eggs, dressing on vegetables, as an aioli on salmon, etc. (the list goes on; we haven’t found anything that doesn’t taste better with it).

Aquafaba is relatively new to the scene and scientists are still trying to understand its composition and what effects it can have on people in terms of nutritional content. So far it’s been embraced by the vegan community as it provides as an excellent egg replacement, while most popular egg replacers are more limited to baking. Often you will find vegan mayonnaises to contain soy and also fall short on their taste and texture. By comparison, the aquafaba has proven to allow products like Sir Kensington’s to have a real mayonnaise texture while not adding any controversial ingredients or allergens.  Edgy staff aren’t even vegans and we love this stuff.

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