• $39.95

PostureNOW (Patent Pending) is two comfortable neoprene armbands, connected by a flexible elastic tension band. It improves your posture using the principal of muscle memory: When your shoulders hunch forward, the PostureNOW posture brace reminds you to pull your shoulders back, essentially creating the habit of good posture.

When do you wear it?  Anytime. PostureNOW fits your active lifestyle. It's a posture corrector that can be worn inside or outside of your clothes. Wear it when you're out walking, reading the morning paper, watching TV, at your desk...

Traditional posture braces do the work for you, forcing your shoulders back, which can actually weaken back muscles, potentially worsening your posture over time. PostureNOW works. It's a simple and effective posture corrector. It provides a gentle reminder to keep your shoulders back, using your own muscles, strengthening and training your back for permanent posture improvement.

It may feel awkward at first, because most of us have been slouching for years. But soon you will notice your awareness of your posture is increased, and sitting/standing upright begins to feel natural. Over time, you will need to use PostureNOW less and less, as good posture becomes a habit and muscle memory results in a natural, upright posture.