About E.W.

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Edgy Wellness (aka E.W.) started as a result of our team’s relentless passion and obsession for staying on top of what’s next and what’s unique in the nutrition, fitness, and wellness industry. For over a decade, we have been racking up professional experience in nutritional supplements, integrative medicine, fitness, and sports nutrition while earning certifications in personal training, holistic nutrition, and health coaching as well as degrees in psychology and business. We also really like trying new snacks. Especially organic & gluten-free ones.

Speaking of snacks, ever find yourself aimlessly wandering the aisles of your natural grocer in that Wholefoods-haze? C’mon, you know you have. If you stumbled upon this website, you are almost certainly “one of those people.” And I’m here to tell you that it’s OK.  We are those people too. Now during your journey through the shimmering paths of produce, chocolate-coconut-cashew nut butters, and crunchy artisan-cilantro-lime chickpeas you likely noticed a new product or two that caught your eye along the way. You probably studied the ingredients and even experienced a little boost of dopamine when you realized wow, this product is healthy AND cool. Maybe it contains a new sweetener, unique protein source, or simply a new flavor. Whatever the reason, it catches your eye because it’s original and potentially on the cusp of a new trend.  It’s edgy, and it’s exactly what we aim to provide our customers.

A passion…a calling…whatever you want to call it – our team has been knee deep in the wellness world for longer than we can remember. If it’s out of the ordinary or on the edge, bring it on!  #edgywellness

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